Terms of Use

1) Ownership

Clearnet Calendar and Clearnet MyCalendar are information products and services belonging to and produced by The Morris Group for Information Technology, Inc. (“MGIT”).

2) Clearnet Calendar, Clearnet Database, Clearnet Document Library, and MyCalendar

The Clearnet Calendar is an electronic document in one or more formats prepared by MGIT and distributed via the internet each Monday to Subscribers. The content of the document is the Clearnet Database comprising a calendar of planned events and a summary of notifications regarding changes to market data feeds and trading interfaces provided by exchanges and other electronic trading venues.

Notifications from contributors to MGIT are received electronically. Where possible, Clearnet creates a copy of the notification with its attachments and stores it on a web server (“Clearnet Document Library”) for use by Subscribers.

MyCalendar is a web-based system that provides custom reporting features for the Clearnet Database.

Access to the Clearnet Calendar, Clearnet Database, Clearnet Document Library, and MyCalendar is protected by userid and password.

3) Recipients

a) MGIT delivers the Clearnet Calendar to recipients (“Recipients”) electronically. Each such Recipient must be an employee of a Subscriber and registered with MGIT so that a userid and password may be assigned.

4) Contributors and Contributor Representations

a) Contributors (“Contributors”) are organizations that are sources of market data such as exchanges and ECNs and that provide notifications to MGIT via email. Notifications are provided to MGIT on a voluntary basis and Contributors make no promise or claim to MGIT of any kind, including but not limited to the reliability of delivery, the accuracy of the notifications, the completeness of their notifications, their fitness of purpose or their commitment to provide notifications to MGIT on an ongoing basis.

b) Contributors may change from time to time without notice.

5) MGIT Representations

a) MGIT delivers the Clearnet Calendar and Clearnet Document Library on a best efforts basis. MGIT makes no claim or promise with regard to the accuracy, completeness, and timeliness of the data nor to its fitness of purpose.

b) Notifications that are selected for inclusion in the Clearnet Calendar concern technical, symbology, or administrative changes that are deemed by MGIT to be of interest to Subscribers. Notifications are selected by MGIT in its sole discretion.

6) Restrictions on Use

a) The format of the Clearnet Calendar is proprietary to MGIT. Subscribers and Recipients may not reproduce the Clearnet Calendar for the purpose of distribution to any person that is not an employee of a Subscriber. Subscribers and Recipients may not provide userid and password information to anyone other than an employee of a Subscriber.

b) Distribution of reports created from the Clearnet Database is restricted to employees of Subscribers.

7) Limitations of Liability

MGIT accepts no liability, express or implied, with regard to the preparation of the Clearnet Calendar or its delivery to Subscribers, either directly via email or via MyCalendar or MyPlanner.