Clearnet MyPlanner

The Notification Management System for Market Data Professionals

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If your job requires you to stay on top of technical notifications from exchanges, market data vendors and software providers, then your firm needs Clearnet MyPlanner, the unique system that helps you manage these critical, time-sensitive announcements more effectively. MyPlanner provides market data professionals with the tools to plan and control notification workflow. The system enables you to make feed handler and exchange-required changes visible to everyone who needs to know, to assure changes are implemented on time.

No Sev-1s!

With hundreds of notifications flowing into your firm each week from many sources, it’s easy for a notification to get lost in the shuffle. In the worst case, failure to respond to an exchange notification can lead to a “Sev-1” outage. A severity one outage means traders are completely shut out of the market by a technical failure, which might have been as simple as an IP address change that was not implemented on time. MyPlanner plays a key role in preventing this scenario.

Built on the Clearnet Calendar

At the core of MyPlanner is the Clearnet Calendar database. Adding advanced, targeted functionality MyPlanner transforms that database into your firm’s custom notification planning and control system. The MyPlanner design draws on our 15+ years experience publishing the Clearnet Calendar, plus the input of our subscribers including the world’s leading trading firms, market data vendors, and ISV’s.

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