Clearnet Calendar and the MyCalendar Tool

CLEARNET CALENDAR: Consolidated Market Data Notifications

The Clearnet Calendar is issued each Monday morning in .pdf format to Clearnet subscribers. First published in 1994, this Calendar is a daily diary of changes that affect market data technology, including changes to systems and networks plus related announcements that may affect them, such as tick size changes. Clearnet receives notices from exchanges on a daily basis. We select those that are relevant to professionals maintaining data feed handlers and electronic trading systems for inclusion in the Clearnet Calendar.

Most importantly, we extract target dates from each notification and post these key events to the Calendar. When those dates change (and they often do), we update the Calendar.

Each notification in the Clearnet Calendar is hyperlinked to the underlying document provided by the exchange. What results is an efficient, updated management report of planned changes to market data feeds.

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MYCALENDAR: A Web-Based Tool to Create Custom Calendars

MyCalendar is a web-based tool that enables you to create custom calendars and inquiries. You design filters to show only the sources relevant to your firm, so you focus attention where it matters.

Functions include:

  • Create one or more custom filters to report on just the exchanges you want.
  • Save filters for future use. They are available on MyCalendar only to you.
  • Display notifications or calendar items matching your filter.
  • Create a┬ácustom Clearnet Calendar for distribution to your internal team, automatically every Monday by email as a .pdf file.
  • Create an RSS feed of calendar events and notifications for exchanges you select.

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